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XL Electronic Component Kit Assortment, Capacitors, Resistors, LED, Transistors, Diodes, Zener, Potentiometers, Cutter, LCR-T4 Component Tester, IC Box, 1870 pcs

760 pcs Resistor, 380 pcs Capacitor, 170 pcs Transistor, 100 pcs Diode, 125 Zener Diode, 200 pcs 3mm 5mm LED, 9 pcs Potentiometer, 4 pcs PCB, 15 pcs Header, 15 pcs Terminal, 25 pcs Photoresistor, 70 pcs IC, 1 Cutter

In this Assorted Kit each different component is packaged in a thick durable poly bag and each different type of component is labeled or stamped accordingly

Total 1870 pcs Components, includes 1 Component Tester (can test Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, Transistors, Inductors, Triodes, Thyristors) and 1 IC Box

The Assortment comes in stable cardboard box

Save time and money, almost everything that you will ever need is included in this Assortment

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