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इस video clip में हम देखेंगे कि कैसे हम quartzcomponents site पर बहुत ही low-cost rate में अच्छे और premium quality parts acquisition कर सकते हैं|और quickly shipment करा सकते हैं |

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2801 Ball Switch Tilt Sensor
SW520D- Ball Switch Tilt Sensor

5 mm LDR
LDR Sensor (Light Dependent Resistor) – 5mm

0.1 mm Copper Enameled cord

5V/3.3 V Four Channel 10A Isolated Relay Module
5V/3.3V Four Channel 10A Isolated Relay Module – 4 channel relay module

433mHz Tx & Rx RF Radio Module
433mHz RF Transmitter and Receiver Radio Module

EL817C Optocoupler/Phototransistor IC.

HT12E (RF Encoder).

HT12D (RF Decoder).

18pF Variable Capacitor (Trimmer Capacitor).

Women DC Power Supply Connector/ Barrel DC Jack.

MJE3055T NPN Power Transistor.

Male Header Pins (90 Degree) – Berg Strips.

UM3561 Three alarm noise generator IC.

Mercury Ball Tilt Switch – 5MM Diameter.

Mini Screwdriver/ Ultra Small Screwdriver.

8 Position DIP Switch.

UM66/ BT66 Musical IC.

L298N 2A Based Motor Driver Module.

Sound Plug/Jack – 3.5 mm Connectors.

Tiny Magnets (10mm Diameter).

8 Pin DIP IC Base/Socket.

Reed Switch.