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Taiss 2016PCS Electronics Components Kit Assortment Resistor,Capacitors,Diode,LED,Potentiometer,Transistor,Voltage Regulator,PCB Board Prototype,Solderless breadboard,Rotary Encoder Module,Jumper Wire

Product name: Electronics Components Kit Assortment.The package includes

14 items(each with a various design), as well as there are 2016 parts in total.Product functions: Different digital elements are constructed in a clear plastic box, which is practical to utilize as well as store.Assorted by Professionals, This is an outstanding present created for digital lovers. Package includes one of the most typical digital components.Combined Packaging:1000 PCS Resistor +240 PCS Capacitors +100 PCs Diode +200 PCS 3mm/5mm LED Diodes(5 shades)+120 PCS Electrolytic capacitors +13 PCS Adjustable Resistor Potentiometer +180 PCS Transistor +65 PCS Variable Resistor Potentiometer +16 PCS Voltage Regulator +4 PCS PCB Board Prototype +400 Point Solderless breadboard +830 Point Solderless breadboard +10 PCS Wh148(B1K 2K 5K 10K 20K 50K 100K 250K 500K 1M)Potentiometer+KY-040 Rotary Encoder Module +65 PCS Jumper Wire.

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