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Longrunner TC1 electronic component multi-function tester review, New Tool Day Tuesday


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TC1 Tester on Banggood –

Summary from Bangood:

1.8 inch Colorful Display Multi-functional TFT Backlight Transistor Tester for Diode Triode Capacitor Resistor Transistor LCR ESR NPN PNP MOSFET


It can be extensively made use of to spot NPN as well as PNP transistor, capacitor, resistor, diode, triode, N-channel and also P-channel MOSFET, IGBT, JFET, triac as well as battery etc
. It can likewise be utilized to identify infrared wave types.
It likewise can identify zener diode and also has the feature of self-calibration.
After discovery, line up the infrared push-button control with the “IR” light, after that push the switch in the push-button control, if the detector efficiently translate it, it will certainly show the information code as well as infrared wave type.
One switch procedure, immediately identify and also closure, and also you can push the multi-functional switch to shut the detector as well.
Place the pins of element in equivalent location, after that call the little deal with as well as the detector will certainly examine it instantly, ultimately the outcomes will certainly present on the back light TFT display plainly.
Not like the common black and also white screen, this detector will certainly reveal cause shade.