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Latest Launched Electronics Components Review | Components101 | Weekly Update – 6 September, 2021

B0505ST16-W5 DC/DC Converter:

MasterGaN3 as well as MasterGaN5 Drivers/Devices:

LQW43FT_0H Series Inductors:

IHLP-2020CZ-8A Inductor:

This video clip is a fast wrap-up regarding the functions, applications, and also specs of a few of the current digital elements. To understand even more concerning the parts, click the web link offered listed below.

THR Series:

Time stamps
0:00- Introduction
0:18- IHLP-2020CZ-8A Inductor
1:05- LQW43FT_0H Series Inductors
1:45- MasterGaN3 and also MasterGaN5 Drivers/Devices
2:31- THR Series
3:11- B0505ST16-W5 DC/DC Converter
3:53- Conclusion