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Interstellar Electronics Components Assortment Kit, Grab Bag, IC, Opamp,Resistors, Polyester Capacitors, LED, PCB, Diodes, Transistors, 2000 pcs

Save time with this handy box full of the most practical and common e-components

Total 2000 pcs components

350 pcs Polyester Caps, 300 pcs Ceramic Caps, 860 pcs Resistors, 130 pcs Electro Caps, 56 pcs ICs, 200 pcs Transistors, Grab Bag, LED Grab Bag, 100 pcs Diodes, Terminals, Headers, Sockets

Each different component is packed in a poly bag, Resistors values are stamped with the according value

The Assortment comes in durable cardboard box, each components type is sorted in accordingly

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