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Digital Camcorders – See How It Changes Your Life

Digital Camcorders – See How It Changes Your Life

If you are looking at buying digital camcorders, look at how it changes your life. Many of you would argue with me as to how can a camera changes ones life. Well, this may not be applying to an individual’s life as much as it applies to a whole society.

First Things First! No More Expenses on Removable Media

The arrival of digital camcorders in the mid 1990s and evolution through to 2000s, the need for removable VHS video cassettes to record and playback what your have recorded is an entity that is no more. Unlike the earlier cousins, the modern day digital camcorders record on DVDs for better quality and reproduction when you playback. Take for example the camcorder such as the Canon DC-20 the choice of media is DVD.

How Do Digital Camcorders Record Movies

Simple! There are a multitude of components and sub assemblies that convert light into recordable digital signals in a series of complex multifunctions. Let us try to understand things as they happen inside of a digital camcorder.

First, there are components called as CCDs. What is a CCD? A CCD stands for something called as Charge Couple Device. The CCDs in the digital camcorders convert the light signal into electronic signals. CCDs come in different sizes and capacities depending on the maker and model and with bigger the size and number, the quality of recorded picture goes up.

A digital camcorder records onto an 8CM DVD disk which can hold upto 30 minutes of video data depending on whether the disk type is DVD-R and doubles up for DVD-RW. Still you can have upto 4 hours of record if the disk is of HDR-SR1 type.

View Finder and Playback

LCD monitors act as view finders through which you can view and understand exactly what are your shooting and control the field of view and picture. But LCDs can be useful in playing back the just shot pictures too. The LCD monitors reproduce the equal quality pictures as they do on your TV so to check for the record quality. Conversely, you can use this feature even before and while shooting to gauge the light and clarity of focus to make suitable corrections.

The digital camcorders can store up to 30GB data in their hard drive, which means a good 11 hours of video shoot (in the low quality mode). This type of models cost $1400-1500. Models low on features may cost less by a few hundred dollars.

Change your life, take the freedom called digital camcorder wherever you want to; shoot a weekend party or a birthday but don’t spend any penny anymore but payit on your desk top or DVD player.