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Basic electronics components complete information in Urdu/Hindi | utsource electronic components

Basic electronics components complete information in Urdu/Hindi | utsource electronic components review
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So here is the complete electronic components basic information which is a very good learning opportunity to learn
basic electronics for beginners and in this video tutorial you will learn all about basic electronics in Urdu and electronic components and their uses and basic electronics components working.

There are so many kinds of electrical and electronic components like Resistor (fixed resistor variable resistor carbon film resistor metal film resistor wire wound resistor) Capacitor ( polar capacitor
non polar capacitor electrolytic capacitor mica capacitor ceramic capacitor film capacitor ) Inductor (air core inductor iron core inductor ferrite core inductor ) transistor (bjt and fet means bipolar junction transistor and field effect transistor which can be npn or pnp and jfet or mosfet means metal oxide field effect transistors ) pn junction diode zener diode led (light emitting diode) heat sink thermistor ldr (light dependent resistor) bridge rectifier ICs (integrated circuits) transformer and batteries etc.

So in this video you will learn all about these electronic components in Urdu language and electronic components basic knowledge because in this electronic components Tutorial I’ll try to brief basic electronics components information and electronic components testing and basic electronic components explained.

So please watch complete video and share it to your friends.

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