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[All-In-One] Electronic Component Tester LCR Meter Kit (Mega328)

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Multifunction Meter DIY Kit tester:
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Multifunction Meter DIY package, kuman Mega 328 Graphic transistor Tester, NPN PNP Diodes Triode Capacitor ESR SCR MOSFET Resistor Inductance LCD Display Checker with instance as well as screwdriver K77

Item attributes
– Automatic discover NPN as well as PNP transistors, N-channel and also P-channel MOSFET, diode (consisting of double diodes), transistors, resistors, capacitors, thyristors as well as various other parts.
– With feature of automated power off, can conserve unneeded time and also battery capability, Automatic examination the pin aspect as well as the display screen on the 12864 LCD Display.
– Kuman visuals multifunction tester: resistor + capacitor + diode + SCR + inductance + Transistor + mos tube.
– Package Content: 1 x Transistor Tester 1 x Acrylic covering 1 x screwdriver

Drok Electronics Component Transistor Tester:

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We Test Diodes, SCRs, Triacs, Capacitors, Inductors, Resistors, Potentiometers, and so on. Seek future video clips were we contrast analyses to our various other part testers consisting of the Atlas Tester, DE-5000 LCR Meter, LBT-2 Lil Bitty Test, DIY Electronic Testers and so on.

Acquired electronic devices element tester online at for $15.
As constantly cost contrast store online as well as try to find finest rates on digital elements as well as tester tools, costs rise and fall.

Item summary
Item Name: Transistor Tester
Product: Plastic, Metal.
With Automatic Shutdown.
Examination varieties: Inductors, capacitors, diodes, twin diode, mos, transistor, SCR, the regulatory authority, LED tube, ESR, Resistance, Adjustable potentiometer.
Power Consumption Off Mode: Less than 20nA.
Capacitor Measure Range: 25pf -100000 uf.
Inductance Measure Range: 0.01mh-20H.
Resistance Measure Range: 0.1 ohm resolution, optimum 50M ohm.
All-In-One Electronic Component Tester LCR Meter.
Examination Transistors, Diodes, SCRs, Triacs, Capacitors, Inductors, Reistors, Potentiometers, LEDs, Bipolar LEDs, FETS,.

Emily as well as I are checking some digital elements in our amazing brand-new All-In-One Electronic Element Tester LCR Meter Package.